Corticosteroid Creams

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Corticosteroid creams are used as a treatment for treating inflammatory conditions. They work by helping to reduce swelling, itching and irritation and is used in the treatment of hemorrhoids. Although they are usually prescribed for hemorrhoids, the cream can be used for some other inflammatory conditions that result in itching or irritation in the anal area. Hemorrhoids are present in everyone and it only becomes a problem when they enlarge which is then considered abnormal or a disease. One of the more popular corticosteroid creams on the market is Anusol HC.

Anusol HC can be used as a cream/ointment or as a suppository. As with all medications, consult with your doctor and strictly follow directions. This is because there are many factors to be taken into consideration such as body weight, before a specific dose is prescribed. Anyone who is allergic to any of the ingredient contained in Anusol HC should discuss this with a health practitioner as it may then be unsuitable as a treatment. In addition, anyone who has a bacterial, viral or fungal infection is also not suitable for this course of treatment. Some people may experience side effects when using this medication and they should be aware of any changes in reaction when under this treatment.

Some of the side effects are dizziness, rapid weight gain, bleeding from the rectum, swelling in any area of the face, shortness of breath, diarrhea, feeling of pins and needles, chills, blisters especially in hair follicles and rashes. If any side effect is experienced, talk to your health practitioner immediately. There may be other causes for these reactions such as taking another medication at the same time as this treatment. In any case, seek the advice of your doctor. If you have high blood sugar or diabetes, it may affect the management of your sugar levels and this too must be taken into consideration before starting on a treatment of Anusol HC.

In some cases, a combination of Anusol HC and other medications can be used as a treatment for inflammatory conditions of the lower intestine such as ulcerative colitis. As this medication belongs to a group of medications called corticosteroids, the dosage must be followed diligently. If a dose is missed, try to take it as soon as you can. However, if it is close to the next dose, then just take the scheduled dose. Do not, under any circumstance, take a double dose. It will not increase its effect but in fact be dangerous if the dose is doubled. Pregnant women or those who are breast feeding should consult with their health practitioner before starting on a treatment with this medication.

Those with hypersensitivity to certain ingredients in these medications also should not take this. Similarly, consult with a doctor before using this treatment on children. When Anusol HC is used are directed, itching, inflammation and swelling can be greatly reduced. Anusol HC suppositories can be used as a treatment of hemorrhoids to reduce the internal swelling of hemorrhoids and as it is inserted internally the absorption rate of the medication is faster. As with any other medication, when used for specific conditions under a health practitioner’s care and advice, Anusol HC provides treatment and relief from the discomforts of inflammatory conditions.

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