Information about generic depakote

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The generic name of depakote is valporic acid. It is used for treating various seizures problems. It also used to treat migraine headaches problems and manic bipolar problems. Depakote influences the body chemicals which causes seizures. Depakote is available in tablet as well as capsules. There some companies who make generic depakote those are dr. reddy’s laboratories, lupin pharmaceuticals, sandoz, sun pharmaceutical industries, Abbott pharmaceuticals and mylan. Always mention if you have any liver and urea related problems to your medical consultant as it harm at later stages if you are taking depakote with these problems.

Risk while taking this medication:

While taking this medication it can cause some liver problems. The chance of this damage is very prominent in first six months of this medication. The risk of liver damages decreases with the age of patient. The prominent side effects to be checked while doing this medication are shakiness, vomiting, Headaches, tiredness, Vomiting, Weakness, and faintness. In rare cases some more side effects are there: hair loss, abdominal pain, weight gain, memory loss, double vision, continuous movements of eyes, and facial swelling. Some patients even thought of committing suicide while taking depakote. In some cases it worsens the depression in that depression suicidal thoughts are coming for few initial months. You need dose adjustments when you have these types of conditions those are HIV infection, blood clotting problem, head injury if happen ever, urea cycle problem etc.

How to take depakote medicine

Don’t chew or crush these tablets just gulp it with some liquid. It is available in sprinkle capsules so just sprinkle the material of the capsules on some soft foods like pudding. It is very necessary to take this on time without any delay. Proper care should be taken while doing this treatment, and follow the doctors instructions as mentioned.

Potency of Generic Depakote

Generic Depakote is existed in the following strengths: Divalproex sodium 125,250, and 500 mg delayed-release tablets and Generic Depakote ER as Divalproex sodium 250 and 500 mg extended-release tablets.

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