Pharmaceutical Refrigeration

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When storing certain pharmaceutical products you need to make sure that strict temperature control is in place. For example vaccines, some medicines and blood samples often need to be stored at specific temperatures.

Therefore you need quality cold storage equipment that will not compromise the constituents and quality of these items. There are refrigeration units and freezers available containing independent compartments and adjustable shelves for use in laboratories, pharmacies and other medical storage sites.

Pharmaceutical cold stores come in a range of sizes. Smaller solutions include mini mobile cold stores, that can be transported easily from place to place. Other examples are 10ft units with full redundancy on critical features and 7 pallet capacity 20ft units with independent refrigeration systems and dual electronic temperature recorders.

40ft and 45ft pharmaceutical cold stores are of larger capacity and hold 16 or18 pallets of product. These weatherproof units can be situated outside as well as inside, in order to save space. They also have a specialised control panel operating the rotation of two fully independent refrigeration systems.

If you have very large quantities of pharmaceutical inventory to store, then mega mobile cold stores or walk in colds stores are the answer. These store up to 38 standard size pallets and are 16ft wide units for high-level product storage and stock turnaround.

These walk in units have 4 independent refrigeration units. The modular design means they can be adapted to suit your needs in terms of size and location. This is a great walk-in unit for stock picking, as it offers a lot of space and adaptability.

Special pharmaceutical doors can guarantee hygiene and insulation on cold storage units. Remote temperature monitoring can also ensure you keep a close eye on the temperature of your unit.

Temperature controlled storage can be purchased or leased from specialist companies. This means you have the choice of either renting or owning a units, depending on how long you will need it for and whether you will need to upgrade.

Suppliers of pharmaceutical cold storage units commonly offer maintenance and call out service so that you can be confident that your on site temperature controlled equipment will remain in full functioning order throughout the years.

Contingency cold storage is also available if you cannot store pharmaceutical products on site. You can rent out pallet spaces in temperature controlled cold stores that are carefully monitored off site by specialist companies.

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