Stop Heartburn

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If you are looking for a cheaper and just as effective option to costly brand name drugs such as prescription strength Prevacid, you will be pleased to learn about over the counter Prevacid or Prevacid 24HR. Also referred to as Prevacid OTC, Prevacid 24HR received US Food and Drug Administration – FDA approval in May 2009 and is the first and only over the counter proton pump inhibitor – PPI medication which is administered for treating frequent heartburn in its original formulation. Prevacid OTC falls in the proton pump inhibitor class of heartburn treatments used in the treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease, commonly referred to as GERD, as well as more serious acid-related disorders.

Prevacid OTC provides full 24-hour frequent heartburn treatment. Prevacid OTC prevents the production of acid which causes frequent heartburn pain for a full 24 hours by simply taking a single pill a day. This pill is available in pharmacies and retail stores offering over the counter medications for the treatment of heartburn across the United States. Prevacid came about as a result of an agreement by TAP Pharmaceuticals Products, Inc to license the rights to Prevacid to health care giant Novartis AG which launched this over the counter pill in 2009, following the expiration of the TAP prescription version patent. With prescription strength Prevacid retailing at an average of $4, heartburn patients will be glad to only have to pay less than $1 for Prevacid. This medication therefore enables many heartburn sufferers to treat their conditions without having to spend a small fortune on the requisite medication.

Prevacid OTC has been clinically proven as working for a full 24 hours, both day and night. It is the only PPI approved for over the counter treatment of frequent heartburn which contains lansoprazole as an active ingredient. Prevacid OTC is available over the counter in over one hundred thousand drug stores, pharmacies, mass merchandisers, supermarkets and other retail stores throughout the United States. Prevacid OTC is therefore ideal for heartburn sufferers who wish to increase their productivity at work, get a good night’s sleep, enjoy social activities as well as have more positive personal relationships. By taking the right medication to treat your severe and frequent heartburn pain, you are able to experience a more improved quality of life.

This medication is designed for individuals who wish to take control of their health care decisions as it expands the treatment choices for millions of people suffering from frequent heartburn. Frequent heartburn is described as heartburn that occurs two or more days in a week. Once taken, Prevacid is able to maintain its effectiveness for the complete 14-day course of treatment. Although it is common for some people to obtain complete relief from their frequent heartburn symptoms within 24 hours, it may however take you 1-4 four days to enjoy the full effects of taking this over the counter medication. It is important for users to use Prevacid OTC as directed for the 14 days required, so as to effectively treat their frequent heartburn.