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Probiotics are microorganisms mostly bacteria that are similar to beneficial microorganisms found in the human gut. They are also called “friendly bacteria” or “good bacteria” that can be used as complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). Cheap ed meds in NZ: Viagra New Zealand online shop.

These useful bacteria are available in foods for example, yogurt, fermented and unfermented milk, miso, tempeh, and some juices and soy beverages. In dietary supplements for example, capsules, tablets, and powders; Probiotics are either naturally present or added during preparation.

Use of bacteria manufactured foods i.e. fermented foods and cultured milk products dates back to ancient times. Since then, research on Probiotics has gradually increased. Much of the research has been done and yet the question that whether their use is a panacea or predicament remains a basic subject of debate.

Probiotics: A panacea

Probiotics are in demand today as scientifically they are proven to be effective to:

Treat and prevent diarrhea, especially the one caused by antibiotics. Antibiotics upset the intestinal tract and if they are ingested at the same time as antibiotics, the onset of diarrhea can be prevented.

As a side effect of antibiotic course, many people also get prone to secondary infections since antibiotics can weaken the immune system. Use of live bacteria can restore the balance of beneficial bacteria in the body that ward off infections.

Studies have demonstrated that they also provide relief for the symptoms of eczema, including itching and irritation.

As bacteria helps strengthen human immune system, research indicates that their intake can cure man’s most common ailments like severity of cold or flu.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a disease that causes abdominal pain and soreness. Medicines are usually not suggested for this ailment; however, several bacterial strains have been researched out to be great for treating the symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Bacteria convert lactose into lactic acid. That means that less lactose gets into your system thus, people that are suffering from lactose intolerance can use these supplements.

Inflammation is a natural healthy response to an infection or injury in the body. Yet excessive inflammation can be painful and can damage tissue. Use of bacterial supplements help minimize that.

Probiotics: A Predicament

The side effects of taking good bacteria, if they occur, mostly tend to be rare and are stated as under:

Meek digestive system issues such as gas, bloating or diarrhea

Mild infections that need to be treated with antibiotics, especially in people with underlying health conditions.

They may also contaminate an overlying infection in those with a compromised immune system. Individuals what are at risk of developing an infection are those taking chemotherapy drugs to treat cancer, reveals the study conducted at University of Maryland Medical Center. There is a possibility that the live microorganisms contained in these supplements may overgrow due to a weakened immune response. Those who have had a heart valve replacement should take necessary precautions before taking them, because they are at risk of developing a rare bacterial infection.

According to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, live micro-organisms may cause a metabolic stimulation of the immune system. They may also cause gene transfer, or the inclusion of genetic material into another cell. Therefore, more information through scientific study is needed to determine their safety, especially for use in children and the elderly.

Although rare, Probiotics may cause an allergic reaction. The signs of an allergic effect include an itchy skin rash with hives, swelling of the face and throat, wheezing and difficulty swallowing. Thus, any signs of an allergic reaction should be reported instantly to a physician.

Who should buy Lumigan?

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Something that you should consider when you buy Lumigan is to educate your self about the product. Not just the components and how they work. You must also know the qualifications, side effects, do’s and do not’s of Lumigan medication. It is nothing but a good intention when you want to guard yourself from deficiencies, but sometimes lack of consultation leads to unexpected results.

Who are qualified to take Lumigan? This question should be highlighted so that one may perceive the answer as a serious matter. Actually, the answer to this question lies upon the judgment of a doctor. You qualify to take Lumigan if you have what it takes to undergo the entire procedure of this kind of medical treatment.

Lumigan is a safe medication manufactured by Allergan, Inc., not to mention that this has been approved already by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) last March 16, 2001. It contains an active ingredient of Bimatoprost. Its dosage form is represented in an ophthalmic solution. This is only made available upon prescription. Before you condition your mind to buy Lumigan, let us check if you are any of the cases below because if that is the case there should be a lot of considerations to be taken before you will be medically advised to continue your Lumigan treatment:

1.Are you pregnant? Or are you planning to get pregnant? Pregnancy is a sensitive situation. If you continue your medication with Lumigan, there is a possibility that it may complicate your pregnancy. Consult your doctor if this is the case. Some patients are allowed to take this treatment after their doctor performed a thorough check up.

2.Do you have allergy for Lumigan or any of the ingredients of Lumigan? This case boldly implies that you must not use Lumigan.

3.Are you currently breastfeeding? Well, this is another thing that you should be considering. Breastfeeding is also a delicate case since you are supplementing the need of your baby. Taking in different medicines without careful and proper consultation may risk the life the life of the baby.

4.Do you have a history on kidney or liver problems? Consult your doctor if you can possibly undergo Lumigan medication. He will make you aware on how the medication affects your current situation. He may advise you to proceed with the medication but there could be adjustment on the dosage of medication. Special monitoring may even be required by your doctor to make sure that there no complication will be developed.

Well, are you any of these cases? You know what to do if you are. But if you are not, then to buy Lumigan is reasonable. But hey! You must inform your self too with the possible side effects of Lumigan. This is for you not to get panic, and instead know the best approach. Lumigan can possibly result to a change of color of treated eye/eyes. It may also cause darkening of skin around the eye. If you see that any of this is side effects or any other unpleasant effects are occurring, you must consult your doctor. He will then give you advice if you can continue with the medication or not. Be a wise end user. Buy Lumigan and use it as per advice of your doctor. All you need to do is to follow the instructions.

Zetia 10mg Is a Drug Intended to Reduce High Cholesterol Levels

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High cholesterol is one of the main causes of heart related fatalities in US and around the world. Data shows that one in every 6 adults which translates in to 16.3% of the population of USA is suffering from high cholesterol. The average level of cholesterol of average American is 200 mg/dl which is in the borderline of high risk category. People with high cholesterol are twice as susceptible to have a heart attack than who have healthy levels of cholesterol. There is also the possibility that excess cholesterol is being produced within the body itself due to genetic conditions. For those suffering from such cholesterol conditions, medical intervention followed through with a proper diet and exercise routine is crucial if to avoid future complications. Among cholesterol drugs that helps with controlling cholesterol levels, Zetia10mg and other doses has proven to be versatile. Zetia contains the active ingredient, Ezetimibe which not only reduce the cholesterol, but also reduce other sterols that the body absorbs. Zetia has the benefit of being well tolerated with a combination of other cholesterol-reducing medicines.
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Understanding Cholesterol
It is important to understand what is cholesterol and its role if we are to understand the use of any cholesterol reducing drug. Human body produce some part of the cholesterol while the dietary intakes account for the rest. The liver produces the most cholesterol although the intestine may also produce some small amounts. Cholesterol is important for the proper functioning of the body from making hormones to vitamin D and various enzymes that are used in digesting food. The problem occurs when the level of cholesterol increase beyond what is required. This is especially with regards to the so called bad cholesterol, the LDL cholesterol which contains higher percentage of cholesterol. The HDL or high density lipoprotein cholesterols on the other hand are desirable and help supply the body with desired levels of cholesterol for its functioning. The HDL is responsible for transferring cholesterol from various parts of the body back to the liver from where it is excreted. The LDL on the other hand transfers the cholesterol to the artery walls and deposit it, lending to plaque buildup and narrowing of the arteries. This is the main cause of heart attacks. Therefore, the role of cholesterol reducing drugs is to reduce the level of LDL cholesterol in the body by either blocking the production or blocking the absorption of it from what we eat. Zetia as a drug performs the latter, by its action in the intestines.

How Zetia Works
Zetia contains non-statin substance. Unlike the other types of cholesterol-reducing medicines which work in the liver, Zetia’s action is within the digestive system. The active ingredient Ezetimibe works by inhibiting the absorption of cholesterol at the small intestines. This is achieved through binding with the NPC1L1) protein on the intestine cell walls. There is also a secondary control action where the reduced cholesterol absorption lends to an upregulation of LDL receptors that are present on the cell surface, leading to increased LDL cholesterol uptake to the cells. This in turn reduce the levels of LDL in the blood stream, aiding the effective control of cholesterol levels. For deriving best results, Zetia treatment should be combined with a low-cholesterol diet as well as a statin drug. The medicine takes approximately two weeks from the starting of the medication, to yield a result.

Pharmaceutical Refrigeration

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When storing certain pharmaceutical products you need to make sure that strict temperature control is in place. For example vaccines, some medicines and blood samples often need to be stored at specific temperatures.

Therefore you need quality cold storage equipment that will not compromise the constituents and quality of these items. There are refrigeration units and freezers available containing independent compartments and adjustable shelves for use in laboratories, pharmacies and other medical storage sites.

Pharmaceutical cold stores come in a range of sizes. Smaller solutions include mini mobile cold stores, that can be transported easily from place to place. Other examples are 10ft units with full redundancy on critical features and 7 pallet capacity 20ft units with independent refrigeration systems and dual electronic temperature recorders.

40ft and 45ft pharmaceutical cold stores are of larger capacity and hold 16 or18 pallets of product. These weatherproof units can be situated outside as well as inside, in order to save space. They also have a specialised control panel operating the rotation of two fully independent refrigeration systems.

If you have very large quantities of pharmaceutical inventory to store, then mega mobile cold stores or walk in colds stores are the answer. These store up to 38 standard size pallets and are 16ft wide units for high-level product storage and stock turnaround.

These walk in units have 4 independent refrigeration units. The modular design means they can be adapted to suit your needs in terms of size and location. This is a great walk-in unit for stock picking, as it offers a lot of space and adaptability.

Special pharmaceutical doors can guarantee hygiene and insulation on cold storage units. Remote temperature monitoring can also ensure you keep a close eye on the temperature of your unit.

Temperature controlled storage can be purchased or leased from specialist companies. This means you have the choice of either renting or owning a units, depending on how long you will need it for and whether you will need to upgrade.

Suppliers of pharmaceutical cold storage units commonly offer maintenance and call out service so that you can be confident that your on site temperature controlled equipment will remain in full functioning order throughout the years.

Contingency cold storage is also available if you cannot store pharmaceutical products on site. You can rent out pallet spaces in temperature controlled cold stores that are carefully monitored off site by specialist companies.

Proper Xenical Usage and Dosage

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If you plan to take Xenical but do not know much about its dosage and other information, you are at the right page. You will get lots of information about Xenical dosage, usage, and storage.

  • Proper Xenical Usage and Dosage

Xenical dosage or usage may prevent the absorption of some of the fat you eat. Therefore, you should take Xenical dosage during the meal or within an hour of eating. If you occasionally miss a meal or eat a meal that contains no fat, you should skip Xenical dosage

Xenical dosage may decrease the amount of vitamins that your body absorbs from food; you may need to take a multivitamin supplement once a day. Take the vitamin supplement at least 2 hours before or after taking your Xenical dosage.

When you take your daily dosage Xenical, your diet should not contain more than 30% of fat. If the fat intake is higher in your meal than the recommended amount, your Xenical dosage may result in side effects. You should take balanced diet, and your intake of fat, carbohydrates, and protein should be distributed evenly over three main meals when you take your daily dosage of Xenical.

  • Xenical Dosage Instructions

Xenical dosage is normally different for different patients. It is important to follow your doctor’s instructions about your Xenical dosage or follow the instructions in the label. If your doctor suggests Xenical dosage that is higher or lower to the Xenical dosage mentioned in the label, follow your doctor’s direction. He may have altered Xenical dosage due to your medical condition or to ensure optimum results.

Normally, the following Xenical dosage is recommended, however, if your doctor has recommended Xenical dosage other than this, follow his instructions only:

– 120milligrams (mg) three times a day with meals containing fat

If you take a fat-containing meal and miss your dosage Xenical due to some reason, skip that particular dosage. If it almost time for your next meal, take your Xenical dosage with that meal. In any case, do not double your Xenical dosage.

  • Xenical Storage

If you plant to take Xenical, dosage information is necessary and you might get information for it. However, most often than not, people only get information about Xenical and do not know how to store it. Storage information is necessary because if medicines are stored improperly, there might be some chemical reactions and your Xenical may cause adverse reactions in your body.

  • Store away from heat and direct light
  • Keep the Xenical from freezing. Do not refrigerate
  • Do not keep outdated Xenical or medicine no longer needed. Be sure that any discarded medicine is out of the reach of childre


Other Information about Xenical Dosage

If you follow your doctor’s instructions carefully and take Xenical as scheduled, you might get better results. Medicines work better if they are taken regularly on the same time; the same rule applies to your Xenical. Therefore, it is very necessary to take Xenical on time.

Do not take more than prescribed amount of Xenical thinking it might yield better results. Overdosing yourself with more than recommended dosage of xenical may lead to more side effects than benefits. Also try not to forget Xenical if you want to get best results out of your weight loss treatment.

Prevacid Making Life Easier for the Patients of GERD

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About Prevacid

Prevacid is a medication used to prevent the production of acid in the body, which might cause damage to the digestive organs of the body. In other words we can say that Prevacid is used for the treatment and prevention of stomach ulcers, erosive esophagitis, or damage of the esophagus due to over production of acid in the stomach. Prevacid is a proton pump inhibitors, which stop the production of acid by the stomach. It blocks the enzyme in the wall of the stomach and by blocking the stomach wall the production of acid is reduced and this allows the stomach and esophagus to be cured. People suffering from the problem of stomach ulcers or erosive esophagitis can buy Prevacid online and get relive from these problems.

Prevacid Effects

Prevacid are the most preferred medication of the gastroenterologists, which effectively cure the problems of heart burn, acid formation in stomach and acid reflux disease. It not only heals the damage done to the esophagus but it also prevents the problem from reoccurring. Prevacid is considered as number one acid-blocker medicine and hence many peoples across the world buy Prevacid as they heavily trust and rely on it.

Prevacid Dosage

Consulting one registered medical practitioner is a must before buying Prevacid online as a medical practitioner is the best person to advice on the intake and dosage of the Prevacid. Patients suffering from Dilantin, Valium or any other liver disease may consult his doctor and make him aware of his health conditions in order to avail proper treatment. For a healthy person the normal dosage of Prevacid is 15mg once a day. It comes in tablet, capsule or liquid form and can be taken in empty stomach with food or milk. To have its best effect, this medication should be taken thirty minutes before the breakfast. This medication should be taken at the same time each day so that even level is maintained in the body. One should not alter his Prevacid dosage or stop taking medicine on his own.

Prevacid Side-Effects

Some of the common side-effects that may arise with the use of Prevacid are as follows:

  • Insomnia
  • Blurred Vision
  • Drowsiness
  • Dry Mouth
  • Pruritus
  • In spite of some minor side effects this medication is quite popularly used in the treatment of intestinal ulcers and erosive esophagitis. People from various part of the world buy Prevacid online to avail its benefits. One can buy Prevacid from a pharmacy store but buying Prevacid from an online store will save one time and money.

    Use of Statin Drugs to Lower Cholesterol Is Under Attack

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    A review of several published articles in the Archives of Internal Medicine have found that the effectiveness of statin drugs are questionable. Most all of the studies might be biased, and several questions have been raised about the financial and professional motives of the medical researchers who conducted many highly influential studies.

    An elevated cholesterol is generally not a risk factor unless it is in the 400 range. The normal upper range of 200 has been arbitrarily set by convention, and this level was known to scientists in the pharmaceutical industry, to capture millions of patients as candidates for statin use.

    Our baseline cholesterol levels are usually related to genetics, but a low glycemic diet and hormone optimization will generally lower the number, as well as lower the triglycerides. Regular physical exercise and eating plenty of fiber also helps bring elevated cholesterol down.

    One of my patients is a pharmaceutical scientist that helped get one of the statin drugs approved by the FDA. He confessed to me that this drug, like all statins, was very toxic, but loved by the FDA because it lowers cholesterol so effectively. For those of you that take statins because your primary care provider or cardiologist insists, try taking it just 3 days per week. It will still keep the cholesterol under 200 with less lethal and debilitating side effects.

    If you wish to read further and understand the depth of this issue, purchase a copy of “Alzheimer’s Revisited”.

    “Alzheimer’s Revisited” was written by a dentist in South Carolina. Interesting story from his perspective.

    Henry Lorin’s father weighed over 300 pounds. At age 50 he had an irregular heart beat and went to see his cardiologist. Cardiologist scared him into going on a crash Pritikin Diet that eliminated all fat and most protein. His father was also put on double doses of a well known statin drug to lower the cholesterol. Within a year the father had lost over 200 pounds, but developed Alzheimer’s Disease. At autopsy the brain had shrunk as expected.

    Henry Lorin’s father had a twin brother that also weighed over 300 pounds. He was never placed on a statin drug such as his brother, and lived to be a ripe old 80 year old. No Alzheimer’s Disease. So…Dr. Lorin paid a researcher to glean all the medical literature for research done on statins that was not funded or sponsored by a pharmaceutical company. What he found was astounding!

    Malnutrition, even mild, along with statins are strongly implicated in the onset of Alzheimer’s Disease. As we all know, older persons lose some of their taste buds, often eat alone, and often are malnourished because of bad dentures. Then their well-meaning physician prescribes a cholesterol-lowering drug. Perfect storm for development of dementia and neurological decline.

    Statins do not prolong survival, and often impair quality of life. They are designer drugs and not fit for human consumption. If the same effort was put forth by physicians to educate their patients in the Mediterranean Diet and coached them for increasing physical exercise, their triglycerides and cholesterol would come down naturally. Drug-free.

    Corticosteroid Creams

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    Corticosteroid creams are used as a treatment for treating inflammatory conditions. They work by helping to reduce swelling, itching and irritation and is used in the treatment of hemorrhoids. Although they are usually prescribed for hemorrhoids, the cream can be used for some other inflammatory conditions that result in itching or irritation in the anal area. Hemorrhoids are present in everyone and it only becomes a problem when they enlarge which is then considered abnormal or a disease. One of the more popular corticosteroid creams on the market is Anusol HC.

    Anusol HC can be used as a cream/ointment or as a suppository. As with all medications, consult with your doctor and strictly follow directions. This is because there are many factors to be taken into consideration such as body weight, before a specific dose is prescribed. Anyone who is allergic to any of the ingredient contained in Anusol HC should discuss this with a health practitioner as it may then be unsuitable as a treatment. In addition, anyone who has a bacterial, viral or fungal infection is also not suitable for this course of treatment. Some people may experience side effects when using this medication and they should be aware of any changes in reaction when under this treatment.

    Some of the side effects are dizziness, rapid weight gain, bleeding from the rectum, swelling in any area of the face, shortness of breath, diarrhea, feeling of pins and needles, chills, blisters especially in hair follicles and rashes. If any side effect is experienced, talk to your health practitioner immediately. There may be other causes for these reactions such as taking another medication at the same time as this treatment. In any case, seek the advice of your doctor. If you have high blood sugar or diabetes, it may affect the management of your sugar levels and this too must be taken into consideration before starting on a treatment of Anusol HC.

    In some cases, a combination of Anusol HC and other medications can be used as a treatment for inflammatory conditions of the lower intestine such as ulcerative colitis. As this medication belongs to a group of medications called corticosteroids, the dosage must be followed diligently. If a dose is missed, try to take it as soon as you can. However, if it is close to the next dose, then just take the scheduled dose. Do not, under any circumstance, take a double dose. It will not increase its effect but in fact be dangerous if the dose is doubled. Pregnant women or those who are breast feeding should consult with their health practitioner before starting on a treatment with this medication.

    Those with hypersensitivity to certain ingredients in these medications also should not take this. Similarly, consult with a doctor before using this treatment on children. When Anusol HC is used are directed, itching, inflammation and swelling can be greatly reduced. Anusol HC suppositories can be used as a treatment of hemorrhoids to reduce the internal swelling of hemorrhoids and as it is inserted internally the absorption rate of the medication is faster. As with any other medication, when used for specific conditions under a health practitioner’s care and advice, Anusol HC provides treatment and relief from the discomforts of inflammatory conditions.

    Strattera Linked to Suicidal Thoughts in Children

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    Strattera Linked to Suicidal Thoughts in Children

    Adding to the “Black Box” warning that Strattera can cause liver problems comes a new warning that Strattera can cause suicidal thoughts in children taking the ADHD drug.

    The FDA is now making the company put a warning label on its product about the Strattera/child suicide connection. This newest warning, released Sept. 29 2005, is the result of re-analzed trial data. At the request of the FDA, Lilly re-analyzed its data from trials performed on 1,357 children and adolescents. Of them, five children reported having suicidal thoughts, including one child who attempted suicide. Not one child in the 851 children studied in the placebo group had suicidal thoughts or actions.

    About 3.4 million people have used Strattera since it became available in 2003. Of those, about 75 percent are children.Lilly issued its first Black Box warning – the strongest warning that can be attached to a prescription medication – in 2004 when studies showed the Strattera caused detrimental effects on the liver.

    At the FDA’s request, Lilly will add the “Black Box” warning about suicidal thoughts, as well as publish a guide for doctors and pharmacists to give to patients taking Strattera. Lilly will also put the warning label on boxes that are sold in other countries.

    There have been numerous other issues relating to ADHD medications in 2005;

  • In February 2005, Canada pulled Adderall XR from pharmacy shelves after Adderall manufacturer Shire provided information about 20 sudden deaths in patients taking this popular ADHD medication. Adderall is also linked to 12 strokes, two of which occurred in children.
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  • The FDA plans to strengthen Concerta warnings after finding that Concerta can cause psychotic behavior and death. Concerta and similar drug treatments for ADHD. A routine FDA review of Concerta found that there have been dozens of reports of hallucinations, violence, thoughts of suicide and death. Yes, death. The FDA found 16 deaths from Concerta since the popular drug was first introduced five years ago.
  • Strattera’s Black Box labeling concerning liver damage warns that severe liver damage may progress to liver failure resulting in death or the need for a liver transplant in a small percentage of patients taking Strattera.
  • A study released February 2005 links Ritalin to an increased cancer risk and other health problems. Researchers of this startling study found that 1 out of every 12 children using methylphenidate experienced a threefold increase in levels of chromosome abnormalities, occurrences associated with increased risks of cancer and other adverse health effects.
  • The FDA is currently conducting a review of the reports of more serious side-effects including psychotic episodes and suicidal thoughts in children taking Concerta, a brand-name form of methylphenidate.
  • The simple fact is that ADHD medications have risks and some of these risks are quite serious. It is a growing opinion that these high-powered drugs should be a last resort instead of the first course of treatment in addressing Attention Deficit Disorder. There are viable options and alternatives to pharmaceutical medications.

    These alternatives include diet modifications, increased exercise – especialy outdoors exercise, talk therapy, biofeedback, life coaching and nutritional supplementation.

    Side Effects Of Hydrocortisone Creams As Eczema Medication

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    When I was in my teens, I was first introduced to using hydrocortisone cream as an eczema medication. Since then, every time I had an outbreak, I would turn to it. However, after years of using hydrocortisone cream, I noticed that increasingly it is not as effective as before. It got harder and harder to control my eczema. The skin that I was to apply hydrocortisone cream also got thinner and I would get abrasions very easily. My article today is the result of a research about hydrocortisone cream that I have since stop using.

    Hydrocortisone cream (1%) is one kind of topical corticosteroids and is easily available over-the-counter without prescription. They are packaged in various forms: creams, lotions and ointments and in different brands.

    Corticosteroid creams for eczema are topical skin preparations that are used to treat skin itching, redness, discomfort and other skin-related problems. For a stronger dosage, you will need to see a doctor for a prescription. Corticosteroids are referred to as steroids. The term steroids often have a negative ring to it because of a number of health issues and side effects that this drug is known to bring. Corticosteroids for eczema are different from anabolic steroids, which are the ones that are used by some athletes to increase their endurance.
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    However, just like any other type of drugs, hydrocortisone cream for eczema medication also has its own side effects if you do not administer it properly. Firstly, you should always check for yourself or better yet, consult your doctor if you are allergic to steroids. Secondly, as I have found out, prolonged use can cause skin to thin out. This is a condition known as atrophy. Because your skin appears to be more sensitive due to thinning out, you are more prone to skin abrasion and infection. That is why if you have eczema and have used hydrocortisone cream for a long time, you are more susceptible to a fungi and bacteria infection. With an infection, your itching symptoms can become worse.

    You also get the appearance of stretch marks with prolonged use. Your blood vessels swell and there is loss of skin pigment in the affected areas. Your bloodstream may also absorb the strong steroids and this can affect other body systems. In the worst case scenario, it can also suppress the production of your natural adrenaline, thus causing you to be prone to a lot of illness including Cushing’s syndrome.

    In all situations, it is in your interest to minimize the use of hydrocortisone creams or corticosteroids as an eczema medication. If you need to use them, use only as directed. If you find that your OTC medication is not working within a week, stop its usage and see a skin doctor right away. You should also look for alternative eczema treatment options which are natural and potentially less harmful.