MedReview: Reasons for Diseases

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Headache is due to breaking of the laws of the right thought. Correct your thinking and the headache will disappear.

Irritability and nervousness are due to an excessive brain energy, which accumulates in the nose. The excessive brain energy upsets the nervous system, hence, do not overwork your mind by useless worries and little things. Canadian pharmacy viagra and other sildenafil medications online.

You ask: what is the reason for the misfortunes in our lives? One of the important reasons for that is the promiscuous killing of mammals, of people. When the souls of the killed go to the astral world, they introduce conditions for nerve diseases and disorders amongst people. The killed criminal moves freely amongst weak-willed people and suggest them feelings for revenge.

Certain diseases, bad thoughts and desires, which manifest in you, are causes by some mammals. In order you to get rid of these sufferings, you shall mild your attitude towards the animals. Often the hatred of a dog may have the same effect as the hatred of a man. Do not think that the thoughts of the animals are too weak. No, they are very dangerous for the world.

Good man has healthy legs; impartial man has healthy arms; wise man has healthy ears; and one, who loves the truth, has healthy eyes. If one loves God, his mind will be also well developed.

When one loses and abandons one of his virtues, he simultaneously loses that organ, which serves this virtue. And when he sinks in the sphere of the sin, man gradually begins to atrophy: the legs, the arms and the rest organs.

Today people suffer of various diseases and by not knowing the reason for their manifestation, they cannot heal themselves. The reasons for the diseases are psychic. For example, the reason for a tumor hides in the perversion of the manifestations of love. If avidity occurs in someone, this shows that a certain number of cells in the organism differentiate, want to live separately, to disobey the common order in the organism. In this way, they create their own lodging and form a new country with free government. They work in this way for days, months, years, while the doctor does not come with his artillery against these disobedient citizens and begins to bomb them. Sometimes he succeeds in making them go outside, and sometimes complications occur, which direct man to the other world. However, there is another way for treatment – through grafting. In the way it is done with fruit trees, grafting may be also done in man’s organism, in order saps to be made go upwards. When the energies in the living organism stop, at the place, where this happens, a certain bump appears, which doctors call a tumor. Hence, one, who understands the laws of grafting, he will be able in one or another way to direct the energies in the organism to flow through the bump, too. When they begin to flow through it, it disappears completely. If the new cells manage to take the saps of the cells, which form the tumor, it will not have conditions for development and it will completely disappear.

Human Body – Energies

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Prana has various states: it is physical, heart, mind or mental. Without prana, a thought cannot be formed; without prana, feelings cannot appear and without prana, will cannot function. Prana is the reason for creation and manifestation of thoughts, feelings and man’s deeds. This does not mean that all people have equal thoughts and feelings. Each man, in accordance with his development, will accept what he needs and will manifest what he can.

Prana is needed for the human organism. Men’s health Australian Medicine  depends on it. That is why it is recommended people to go out early in the morning in order to take in a larger quantity of prana. After that they have to process energy, which they have taken in and use it wisely. If you do not use it, it will cause you troubles.

The Hindus have scientific theories for the formation of prana in man’s organism. According to them, each man, who can wisely and correctly use prana, he can get rid of all diseases: in the stomach, lungs, eyes, etc.

At the beginning of spring there is more prana and organisms take it in more. During the summer, the warmth is more, but not prana. There are certain features, after which it can be guessed when there is more prana accumulated in Nature.

The mountains are warehouses of energies, which help people to transform their states.

Special creatures come down from extremely high worlds and process our mental energy, in order it to become suitable for people’s minds. Do not think that human brain needs the same energy, which is needed by the stomach. The energy, at which the stomach functions, is different. The same concerns the lungs and brain.

In order the form of a noble, sublime idea to be generated in the brain, a specific energy is needed. That energy involves only the top part of the forehead. The bottom part of the forehead may understand another idea.

Man shall understand the laws, after which the living electricity and the living magnetism function, the so called by the Hindus prana. The spinal cord is the main perceiver and transmitter of prana. First prana goes to the cerebellum, and from there – to the cerebrum. If any blockage occurs in the cerebellum, prana cannot continue its path to the cerebrum, as a result of which disharmony establishes in it. That disharmony is delivered to the entire organism.

At the negative pole are the feelings, at the positive – the thoughts. The brain is positive, and the sympathetic nervous system – negative. In the left side of the human body, the energy goes downwards to the left leg and then, along the right leg and along the right side, goes upwards. There is such an electromagnetic flow around each organ. For example, positive energy passes along the right eyebrow. It turns from there and goes under the right eye and turns into negative energy. It goes up from there over the left eye and it is again positive there. After that it goes down under the same eye as a negative energy. In this way, during its movement, that energy forms something like the figure of eight. In the point between the eyebrows or in the root of the nose, there is a rational centre, which regulates these flows round the eyes.

Health Care and Cocaine

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Cocaine is a white flaky powder made from the leaves of the coca plant, which grows in South America and South East Asia. ‘Coke’, ‘white lady’, ‘snow’ and ‘gold dust’ are just some of the street names for cocaine. In Ireland cocaine comes in two forms: cocaine powder and crack cocaine. Cocaine powder is usually used by snorting it through the nose. It is sometimes injected and can also be eaten. Crack cocaine is a more addictive form of cocaine and is usually smoked.

Cocaine used to be seen as an upper-class drug. However, since the Celtic Tiger years it has become much more widely available and for many people has become the illegal drug of choice. Regular and even daily use of cocaine is increasing. It is thought that about 7 per cent of Irish men have taken coke. In many ways the increase in cocaine usage has been a good analogy for the excesses of the Celtic Tiger and the ‘I want it all and I’ll have it all now’ mentality. Attitudes to cocaine have accordingly changed with increased prosperity and the desire for instant gratification. Unfortunately, cocaine can have devastating effects on both physical and mental health and leave a trail of destruction in its wake.

What Are the Effects of Cocaine?

Cocaine is a powerful stimulant drug and is highly addictive. The initial effects can include increased energy, confidence and alertness, and an increase in sex drive. The user may also feel less hungry, more aggressive, more excited and more prone to taking risks. Cocaine can also give you headaches, nausea and stomach or chest pains. Some users feel paranoid or suffer from hallucinations. As cocaine is used more often, tolerance develops, which means larger amounts of the drug are needed to achieve the same ‘high’ and the good feelings experienced tend to lessen. This can lead to serious adverse health effects. Cocaine is highly addictive and dependence (both physical and psychological) can develop rapidly, with strong cravings for cocaine.

Withdrawal effects can include sleep disturbance, exhaustion, irritability, restlessness and feelings of depression. Some people can experience severe seizures. ‘Snow bugs’ is an unpleasant crawling sensation that can be felt under the skin during cocaine withdrawal.

What Are the Medical Complications of Cocaine Abuse?

Cocaine is usually snorted into the nostrils. This causes the blood vessels in the nose to narrow, damaging the lining (septum) between both sides of the nose. Eventually a hole can appear in the septum. A tell-tale sign of regular cocaine use is a red, runny stuffed-up nose. Cocaine can also cause loss of smell, hoarseness and nosebleeds.