MedReview: Reasons for Diseases

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Headache is due to breaking of the laws of the right thought. Correct your thinking and the headache will disappear.

Irritability and nervousness are due to an excessive brain energy, which accumulates in the nose. The excessive brain energy upsets the nervous system, hence, do not overwork your mind by useless worries and little things. Canadian pharmacy viagra and other sildenafil medications online.

You ask: what is the reason for the misfortunes in our lives? One of the important reasons for that is the promiscuous killing of mammals, of people. When the souls of the killed go to the astral world, they introduce conditions for nerve diseases and disorders amongst people. The killed criminal moves freely amongst weak-willed people and suggest them feelings for revenge.

Certain diseases, bad thoughts and desires, which manifest in you, are causes by some mammals. In order you to get rid of these sufferings, you shall mild your attitude towards the animals. Often the hatred of a dog may have the same effect as the hatred of a man. Do not think that the thoughts of the animals are too weak. No, they are very dangerous for the world.

Good man has healthy legs; impartial man has healthy arms; wise man has healthy ears; and one, who loves the truth, has healthy eyes. If one loves God, his mind will be also well developed. Online pharmacy Canada

When one loses and abandons one of his virtues, he simultaneously loses that organ, which serves this virtue. And when he sinks in the sphere of the sin, man gradually begins to atrophy: the legs, the arms and the rest organs.

Today people suffer of various diseases and by not knowing the reason for their manifestation, they cannot heal themselves. The reasons for the diseases are psychic. For example, the reason for a tumor hides in the perversion of the manifestations of love. If avidity occurs in someone, this shows that a certain number of cells in the organism differentiate, want to live separately, to disobey the common order in the organism. In this way, they create their own lodging and form a new country with free government. They work in this way for days, months, years, while the doctor does not come with his artillery against these disobedient citizens and begins to bomb them. Sometimes he succeeds in making them go outside, and sometimes complications occur, which direct man to the other world. However, there is another way for treatment – through grafting. In the way it is done with fruit trees, grafting may be also done in man’s organism, in order saps to be made go upwards. When the energies in the living organism stop, at the place, where this happens, a certain bump appears, which doctors call a tumor. Hence, one, who understands the laws of grafting, he will be able in one or another way to direct the energies in the organism to flow through the bump, too. When they begin to flow through it, it disappears completely. If the new cells manage to take the saps of the cells, which form the tumor, it will not have conditions for development and it will completely disappear.

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